Thank God, Its almost Thursday!!

You know what that means!!

Really for me its TFGIF!!

yay, its almost FRIDAY!!

Busy day tomorrow, back to back clients again…

The day goes fast but sometimes you just need some quiet time to do paperwork and the like!!

I emailed a few places the other day about teaching evening baking/cooking classes.

I used to teach them a few years ago but stopped due to time constraints etc.

However after pondering (not always a good thing) the other day,

I thought it would be a good way to slowly build up a clientele with the view to opening a cafe and offering classes from the premises.

I have had an excellent response from the emails for up coming terms and next year , so need to put that into action….


You know, a 5 year plan?

Like Stalin or Mao’s???

ERRR not quite…

Actually I collect books about/on Stalinism….

Maybe more like 2-3 year plan that is mainly democratic,  not a dictatorship under the guise of Communism:)

Well I have strayed off the path tonight!!

It must be time for me to go have some Greedybread Apple and Berry pie….


Just a run today and the Burpee/Plank Challenge.

It was a hard run, one of those runs that are mentally challenging???

You know, the whole time you are going...

” don’t feel like this…will just get to this point and then stop…ok, a bit more…maybe i should stop…don’t feel like this”.

I was wanting to do some weights but had parent teacher interviews so only had my lunch hour…

Tomorrow, weights and a run, err maybe some rowing…

Yoga and a run Friday and then a cardio challenge type thing Saturday….with weights maybe:)

Leg, a little sore again….

ashtanga 2


2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 36 km/22.50 miles

Cycling: 20 kms /12.5 km

Rowing :

Weights: 2 hour

Plyometrics: 60 minutes


Hours : 6.30

Monthly Distance: 56 km/35.00 miles


The Ginger Mafia in its heyday:)

The Ginger Mafia in its heyday:)

2 thoughts on “Thank God, Its almost Thursday!!

    • nooooo, Oscar is unique in his gingerness 🙂
      As the greedyboys say, only ginger cats speak gingernese…it is unique amoungst cats… weird children:)

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