Wooo Wooo its ALMOST Wednesday!!


Pretty arsey weather here now BUT its all good as it’s almost Friday!!

Well one step closer than it was when I went to work this morning!!

 Thursday night is my Friday night so only 2 days to work .

Tomorrow will be busy busy busy so before I know it, it will be home time:)


I had to go to the gym today as too wet to run in my lunch hour…

I like running in the rain but can’t get wet at work.

So off I toddled, very reluctantly, to do a cycle….

Goodbye 25 kms!!

Plus my modified burpee challenge, courtesy of the mean woman @ Julie’s Journey

She rocks!!

he he

10 burpees, 1 min plank x 6 rounds!!

Have a feeling tomorrow it increases to 7 rounds or 12 burpees/ 1 min + planks…

You build up a good sweat & I am pleased to say I can do the burpees fairly well nowdays.

Yes at the end of 60, I am getting tired but not like I used to.

Because for so long, all I did was run with the occasional cycle or weights session, I didn’t really have any sort of strength.

Love the running:)

Love the running:)

I could run 3-4 hours in a session or 80+  km a week but could barely do anything strength related.

One year ago, I could barely do 15 burpees non stop, i can do about 80-100 now if I need to.

My planks, 20-30 seconds max…I can do 2-3 minutes now…

Push ups, a few half versions but now I can do 25 + full.

A box jump, well that was a long ongoing process, it took me 6 months to build up to a full one on the right sized box…

And the dreaded wall sit, I think I managed 40 seconds to start, now I am looking at 3 minutes…

So all in all, happy with my improvements in strength in the last 6-9 months.

Even though my weight has barely moved, the change in shape in amazing.

My waist has gone from 71 cm to 64!!

 BUT best best best of all, I can do two pull ups unassisted!!


My lesson in all this ranting is DO SOME WEIGHTS IF YOU DON’T ALREADY!!

hard work and lift those weights!!

hard work and lift those weights!!


2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 27 km/16.87 miles

Cycling: 20 kms /12.5 km 

Rowing :

Weights: 2 hour

Plyometrics: 45 minutes


Hours : 5.30

Monthly Distance: 47 km/29.37 miles


Mr puss puss smoochy the HUGE cat food bag!!

Mr puss puss smooching the HUGE cat food bag!!


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