I forgot all about GEORGIE PIE!!

ARGH…I forgot!!!



Back in the day when dinosaurs walked the earth, and I was a teenager, they used to sell Georgie Pie.

Georgie Pie , for those non NZ er’s was a pie franchise that was said to be NZ’s answer within NZ to Mc’ds, Pizza Hut etc.

 If i remember I think too they were mainly in Auckland.

It was a pie takeaway chain like McDonald’s and cheap as chips!!!

$1 pies..yum…

Pies, chips, sweet pies, milkshakes and pies and more pies…

They were brought out/ stopped trading in the late nineties by McDonald’s of all people!!

In the last few years there have been campaigns on Facebook to bring back Georgie Pie and until recently it was a no go.

Then it was decided, a month or so ago, that McD’s would trial selling them again BUT BUT BUT

The blessed $1 pies will now be $4.50!!!

geprgie pie back

Part of their appeal was the price, I mean we were not talking gourmet pie time here!

But they were always filling, hot, tasty and cheap…

The  NZ equivalent of a scoop of hot chips!

Anyhow they started selling them last night  and after being SO SO excited for weeks, I had bloody forgotten.

Did I mention that we live 5 minutes from where they are being sold at only one of 2 sites in NZ???


I have shamed Georgie pie….

Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow:)

Guess what I will be doing tomorrow???

Yep, it’s on my running route, on my way to work, next to our supermarket….

Be rude not to go after all that effort to bring the little beauties back….


 A wee 5 km run, the burpee/plank challenge and weights today….

Juneathon STATS!!

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 41 km/25.62 miles

Cycling: 20 km /12.miles

Rowing :

Weights: 3 hour

Plyometrics: 75 minutes


Hours : 6.30

Monthly Distance: 61 km/38.12 miles


Salted Caramel Dreams....

Salted Caramel Dreams….


2 thoughts on “I forgot all about GEORGIE PIE!!

  1. I had pie at a pub for dinner was meant to be chick, leek and bacon, it was chick, mushroom and bacon I don’t like bacon not impressed!

    • have to say don;t like chicken pie…steak and mince and fruity….BUT after eating pies most days during my last pregnancy, i have to say that after the lad was born, pies made me go green round the gills:) Apart from georgie of course!!

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