Run Fat Bitch Run…NO, not me!!

that;s right!

that’s right!

Well sometimes……

Run Fat Bitch run!!

Its my new fav book….I saw it a while ago and meant to get it but you know how it goes…

You get busy and forget.

Talk about hard case.

Granted there is a little more to it than running but its true in the sense sometimes we just baby ourselves.

Totally believe in her tough love practice on oneself.

Her new book is called “Get your shit together”!

Love it!!


Bit useless today, yep, I need a run fat bitch run kick up the arse!

Or maybe I am just tired?

My training today was very piecemeal….

35 minute run

then 5 minutes rowing

5 mins plyometrics..

then decided couldn’t be arsed so ran home..

15 minutes running…

I just felt as I did yesterday, very very tired but also when I was running, my breathing was like I was running in sub zero temperatures!!

Like it was regular etc but it hurt my chest …

God knows what the situation is

My leg is REALLY sore too…

So this is not good.

But what do I do?

Go back to the physio and pay, pay, pay for how many sessions to be told to do certain exercises?

I don’t mind paying but I want some answers quickly at that price!

I don’t want to feel I am being taken for a ride.

I need to go else I really may damage something and won’t be able to run.

Or do I go back to the 1st physio who couldn’t ell me either but whose prices were more sustainable long term?

IMagine that!

running quotes

Juneathon STATS!!

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 65 km/40.62 km

Cycling: 20 km /12.miles

Rowing : 2 kms

Weights: 3 hour

Plyometrics: 2 hours


Hours : 9.50

Monthly Distance: 87/54.37 miles


Cat in the scarves

Cat in the scarves


13 thoughts on “Run Fat Bitch Run…NO, not me!!

  1. ears must be burning…was thinking about foam rolling all weekend…foam rolling, i will give a go tomorrow…off to read your instructions on it first though….with sheldon!!

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