Another Day, Another Dollar….

another day

Or should that be another day, another 50 cents after tax and other crap is taken out?

Today I had an encounter with the IRD ( Tax dept)…

Sorry, but they are just fuckers and I am sure they ONLY hire people who are assholes.

I know, tax is tax, is tax etc etc and there is tax that you need to pay and you know this BUT…



1st, you need to wait for at least 30+ minutes to speak with them as they make it impossible to understand things on-line!

I ring them up to ask about the tax codes if I start my own business but still work full-time or part-time until the business can support me…

Why don’t I just work 60 + hours and give them 60-70% of my wages and any money the business earns.

There is just NO incentive to be industrious here at times or work hard.

Same as when I worked a second job so we could save faster for our last Europe trip…

It is almost not worth working extra with the rates they sting you at.

You can’t get ahead.

Now I don’t expect the IRD staff to say they agree with me, as you just can’t.

I know, worked for a Govt dept, know the drill BUT you can still be pleasant.

No, the IRD can not even manage this.



Small run only, 3 kms the gym and back.

 23km cycle@ the gym and quick run back to bastardy work where we are 2 staff short and will be for 3-4 weeks!!


Looking forward to that.

Juneathon STATS!!

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 68 km/42.5 km

Cycling: 43 km /26.87 miles

Rowing : 2 kms

Weights: 3 hour

Plyometrics: 2 hours


Hours : 9.50

Monthly Distance:113 km / 70.86 miles


Silly Cat in the Peg Basket....Miss you sweet boy:)

Silly Cat in the Peg Basket….Miss you sweet boy:)


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