A little light Humor to end Sunday…

It is for us , but I know for some, It maybe a little light humor to start Sunday!!

Still no running etc so I shall amuse you with non exercise things today:)

Plus I need a wee laugh, knowing FULL well its arsey work tomorrow.

The countdown BEGINS!!

If I said it will be arsey, I LIED!

It is showing every intent of being triple arsey as we are 2-3 down with 2 people coming in that are sick!!

Imagine it!!

Argh….Give me the laughter….



My sons and I started doing some videos of lessons that eventually will go on my Greedybread site.

A blooper to start/end your Sunday!

As you can see, a LITTLE (Cough, cough) editing work will be required.

Granted we are not aiming for polished and wanting it to be fun, maybe to attract kids to cook as well, with my greedyboy there.

Errr this is the cats arse boy….No showing of that feature today:)

It will get better when we carry on as we do normally…

Bit hard with Martin Scorsese ( Son 2) and his camera in your face shouting artistic  directions .

Scarface we are not….

Maybe the Godmother??? or Breadmother? Or Breadfather? Cakefather?

No, that is really bad…I will depart:)

I will leave you today with another unedited bit…



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