A wee run today…

Well, a little lie….

It was longer run but 2 parts wee:)
liar liar

What I did was cunning!!A wee run is difficult…

I feel like I haven’t run unless I do 8-10 km / 50-60 minutes.

SoooooooooI ran for 35 minutes and ended up by home,

Had a coffee, checked the emails etc and ran a 15 minute route  back to work.

I will do similar tomorrow but I have 2 hours off in the middle of a 8 am – 8 pm day ….

so I will run 35 mins, go home for 1 hour and then run for another 35 maybe…

It was nice going home in the middle of the day..

Well 3ish is my mid day…

Nice coffee in peace for 15-20 minutes and off again):

Now leg is NOT throbbing, so it is all good AT THE MOMENT…

So I may need to do that sort of thing for a while… 2 x 30 minutes per day…

That would actually be better mileage wise as I can do 6 km in 30 minutes but only 10-11 km in an hour…

This will be ok until I get into the Dr for the ultrasound on the leg:)

So do I start training for the marathon as at this stage, the mileage is quite low???

Decision time is upon me!!

akls mara5thon

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total :

Running : 87 km/ 54.3 miles

Cycling: 59 km /36.87 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 4 hour

Plyometrics: 2 hours


Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 14.40

Monthly Distance: 148 km / 92.5miles


Cat in the sun...

Cat in the sun…


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