Did I say work was Arsey??

I lied.

shitebag It is shitey!! 

3 people away, nope I lie again…

4 people away and running on a skeleton staff of 3 and a bit…

We are told by Head office to utilise our staff to the maximum!!

Ha what staff, morons!!

Plus you don’t get paid for over time, you have to take it in time off WHICH YOU CAN NEVER TAKE AS THERE IS NEVER ANY SPARE STAFF!!!

No wonder no bugger is keen to help out in times of trouble…

Then you feel guilty if you are away when you shouldn’t feel guilty at all.

Weird place, I tell you!!

Guess what, I have a wonderful another 12 hour day tomorrow BUT it is my friday tomorrow, SO TFG, that’s all i can say!!

Roll on tomorrow night!

Luckily most of our clients are good……weird and strange, yes but good.

If it was arsey people, then nope, you wouldn’t bother.

See why I need to be self-employed???

I would reward myself for hard work:)


Once again I ponder this…

Do weights really work for runners?

For as many people/studies that say yes, just as many say no, better to do stretching/Pilates or Yoga.

What do you think?

I THINK at times, yes strength work helps me running wise, but I think no as well.

The muscles I am strengthening,  are they what I need to strengthen for running?

Like everything, the information is so conflicting…

Am I trying to get out of something I don’t really like???

I think I need to do something but maybe more body based strength training?

Some interesting articles on running/weights.

Hill runner

Ten Reasons yes

Strength training for runners

Cool Running

nike 2

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total :

Running : 95 km/ 59.37 miles

Cycling: 59 km /36.87 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 4 hour

Plyometrics: 2 hours


Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 14.40

Monthly Distance: 156 km / 97.5miles


Cat blending in...

Cat blending in…


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