No chocolate..Did you hear that?

None…that’s right!!

Worth waiting for....

Worth waiting for….

and this too!!

and this too!!

I know you are thinking “Liar, Liar”…but i am not kidding you…

No choccie for a week UNTIL last night….and it was all over ROVER!

No chocolate was not intentional, I just didn’t have any for a week…

I usually have a few squares most nights…with my tar black coffee after dinner:)

I think this was the reason..



This needed to be eaten…

No, actually I lie!!

This was gone on the day it was made, so sunday…

No reason then, just did not have chocolate…

Very sad!!

Daisy still needs a home...

Daisy still needs a home…

Speaking of very sad, today I saw on FB, on one of my many animal groups, these 2 black lab cross dogs in the pound.

In NZ, I think its 7 days to rehome the dog in the pound or it really is all over rover.

Anyhow, these poor dogs, just broke my heart, they all do but these 2 especially.

They were PTS this morning, not long after I read the post…

6 months old.

Like ARAN says, it is the morons who don’t get their animals fixed and abandon them.

Poor Cindy, put down because also in NZ we have laws regarding certain dog breeds will not be rehomed but put to sleep.

Once again, bad owners, not dogs…

If they are abandoned, no rehoming for them, the blue needle!

Thousands and thousands of dogs and cats are put down annually because of our selfishness,cruelty and stupidity and that is just here in NZ.

I am not even going to get started because it just makes you lose faith…

But I will leave you today with this link that does make you think @ times, humans may just be ok!!

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total :

Running : 145 km/ 90.62miles

Cycling: 59 km /36.75 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 4 hour

Plyometrics: 2 hours


Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 23.00

Monthly Distance: 205 km / 128.75 miles



Whitey and dad..


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