Tonight My Tribute is….

sopranos 2

to James Gandolfini….

“The Soprano’s”.… Season one awaits….

No doubt watching with every other man and his dog!!

Haven’t watched it for a while but thought it was only fitting:)

I salute you Tony Soprano….

Rest in Peace.

new black dog

Speaking of dogs…..Its been a fairly good 2 months.

I don’t like to jump the gun but I feel that things have turned a corner..

Less visits from the black dog and when he does visit, I am finding it easier to turn away.

I still hear the ugliness but I don’t always need to be sucked in.

Still at times, yes, but its less of a battle at the moment …

black dog 5

When my gran died 2 months ago, I feared that he may return with a vengance but no…

I have not felt gutted as when my friend died 3 years ago, or my favourite cat last year.

Extreme sadness, few black days and anger but acceptance I think.

She had a good innings, so to speak.

Her death made me remember what was and wasn’t important and put some ugliness behind me.

I feel she would have wanted for me to do these things.

 I believe letting go of that anger and hate has made me feel better.

It has been a rocky road back to this point BUT I can see more light now than before:)


It is still a work in progress but its moving forward:)

And speaking of moving forward…

1st week marathon training done and dusted…

Ok, ran about 8  more than should in the week and did 2 more km on my long run today but will pull it back…

I have organised what I will do re weights and yoga to fit in with running.

A good first long run…14.9 km….nice and smooth.

Would have been easy to make the mistake and run heaps more…BUT DIDN’T!!!

Off to watch Soprano’s now…..

run run

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total :

Running : 160 km/ 100 miles

Cycling: 59 km /36.75 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 4 hour

Plyometrics: 2 hours


Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 24.22

Monthly Distance: 220 km /137.5 miles


no fans!!

no fans!!

4 thoughts on “Tonight My Tribute is….

  1. I wish but he is a hard nut to crack now days after my wailing for years with all my rescue cats etc….i see sad photos etc all the time with my colony cats etc but this dog, daisy, is so sad…heartbreaking…they all are actually…

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