1st July…Not long now……

Argh, Its almost Xmas.


Ok, not but close!!

I really feel like making cream buns…I don’t know why but I do.

I have not had one for years and years.

This has not come on overnight, I was thinking about cream buns last week .

Luckily in the yeasty world of time, they don’t take long at all…

Which is good as I finish work at 8pm…

So tomorrow after work I will make them:)

Yummy, yum yum, I can taste them already:)



Oops, my sour dough!!

Best go feed it…

Killed my last one, last week…its too cold here.


I intended to go to the gym as well as run…

I am trying to fit my weights in again…

To do it during the working week, I need to go @ 5.30-6 am.

I run in my lunch hour, I be a bit sneaky and leave 5-10 mins to the hour and get back just after, on days I like to get a full 60 minutes running in.

But I figure I work 9-10 hours and don’t take any other breaks so an hour 10-15, is not going to kill them…

No show of getting in weights in that lunch time…as I need 90 minutes really…

images (100)

The weights fit in with the marathon schedule too…

I have 3 small runs…

@ this stage 3 x 5-8 km runs (see below) and 1 x 8-10 km run (above) and one long which , this week is about 16 km.

Luckily the long run is Saturday or Sunday.

Some work days I run 35 mins home, have a cuppa, a quick snack and run 10-15 minutes back to work, this works for my short runs..

I thought on the days I run 35 + 15 , I would do weights in the morning and still run at lunch as I like the running BUT it gets me out of work for an hour…

Very Important!!

Then I had a disillusion, I would be very good and run 35 mins then do my weights and run 15 mins home… BUT do it @ 5.30-6am!!

Ha, not so….After getting up for years and running at 5.30 am, I can’t seem to do it now…

Especially as I go to bed at midnight or later..

That is a big factor!

Rethink is needed.


2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total :

Running : 8 kms/ 5 miles


Rowing :




Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 0.45

Monthly Distance: 8 km/ 5 miles


Cat that blends in....

Cat that blends in….


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