Bloody Useless…

strssedDidn’t do any exercise today.

Stressed out to the MAX at work.

We have the auditors in and our manager is driving us all insane.

All she does is criticize and try to fob off crap things like telling clients they owe money and it needs to be paid NOW onto us.

I can’t wait till she hopefully pisses off back elsewhere next week.

She is a regional manager so we see her for a week and then not for 2-3…BUT ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS!!

Plus my contract runs out in 4 weeks and I still have no idea of it being renewed.

I haven’t been able to get off to lunch on time to run, which has meant it’s not worth going.

run fucking run

I really like running 35 mins, coming home for a coffee and then running back to work BUT no room for lateness.

We have no internet at work, WELCOME TO THE DARK AGES, so I like to come home check my email etc…

Plus its like multi tasking, run, emails, coffee, run….

It really pisses me off when I can’t do this and I get anxious as I like to exercise everyday and I feel guilty if I don’t.

I need to get up and run early but I just CAN’T!!


I go to bed at 12-2 am as I don’t get home until 8.30 pm.

By the time I have had dinner, cleaned up, done the birds, cats, made dinner/lunches etc for the next day its 10-11 pm.

I know it maybe silly but I like to have an hour or so where I do what I like, which is blogging or reading and next thing I know its 1 am…

Or just an hours peace after being with people all day and often to have that I need everyone else to bugger off to bed…..

Which my hubby being a man, is a bit dim sometimes and is still annoying me at midnight.

I used to be able to get up most days after 3-5 hours sleep and exercise 60-90 mins but I am too tired now days:(

images (71)

No chance in hell of getting up at 5.30-6am to run!!

Then I am up and down all night letting cats in and out and sleep is interrupted when everyone gets up at 7 ish…

I go into a deep coma like sleep from 8 am until 9.30 and I need to get up and quickly get ready for work..

2-3 days a week ,I do get up at 6.45 to cook the kids a big breakfast as they have sports after school and I like them to have a good start on those days.

It’s just bloody exhausting!

Yet I still feel bad for not running:(

yes, yes, yes....

yes, yes, yes….

The challenge thing I started the other is not going to happen, its 5-6 days of weights, only 30 minutes but nope, it’s not going to be happening.

I will store it away for next month.

This is my cunning plan!!

I have my 5 days running, I will TRY my utmost to get up at 6 am to run @ least 3 mornings,

Then do a 15-30 minute work out (core or plyometric) when I get home…


John @ fitfor365 always has awesome challenges from Tribesports…

They did have a 30 day no chocolate challenge– yep, will give that baby a miss I think!

I was thinking more along the lines of….


Core workout – doesn’t say everyday so 3 xs a week is doable!

Sexy Leg workout!!  2 days after short run is doable…

I am not sure about John’s squat challenge….

Err imagine a lunge challenge???

How hideous is that…

Rather do burpees thanks!

My other challenge, as it is every week, is to go to bed by midnight!

Ha ha ha ha…





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