Who is THE man??

that's right!!

that’s right!!

Or should that be whose the woman?

Who is the woman , you may ask?

Me, that is who!!

Who got up the last two morning at 5.45 am to run and and and and and and do the Tribesports challenge???

Me, that is WHO!!

Who is arsey tired????

Me, that is who…

running 3

As at 2 pm, it was my friday..

That was great because I almost had to say the C word to that bitch woman at work.

My tongue is sore after biting it too!

No backing down gracefully, accepting that she was wrong…Nope!!

But that is ok, the BAD BAD BAD karma will come for her.

We will not go there …

Two great books I want you all to look at that have been cheering me up:)

Nope, I have not been given them ( I wish!!).

They are funny but very very useful with lots of great tips for runners and mother runners:)

run like a mother

The first one is Train like a mother and Run like a mother!

Check out their website and blog too…

I have mentioned them before I think, Dimity (tall one) is a writer for Runners World.

She writes great columns.

train like a mother

Found this too while I was looking through my archives today….

The BUTT challenge…I may add this baby!!


Just need a little something to keep those grandma handbags at bay:)



Wednesday, I got up at 5.50, had a STRONG coffee, ran 55 minutes and did 15 minutes plyometrics, came home and made my babies choc chip hotcakes!

This morning ( thursday), I got up at 5.45, ran 35 minutes and did 25 mins plyometrics and made my babies, scrambled eggs, sausages and toast!

Tomorrow, I will run, to make up for Useless Tuesday but at a more civilised hour as its my day off work…

Maybe 11ish:)

Long run Saturday…16 km I think…

See, 2 weeks almost gone in the 18 weeks training already.


akld marathon

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total :

Running : 23 kms/14.37 miles


Rowing :


Plyometrics: 1 hour


Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 4.00

Monthly Distance: 23 kms / 14.37 miles


Very silly cats

Very silly cats


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