Calm before the storm…

Or should I say rest before the long run?

marathon top

Week 2 of the marathon training done and dusted!! 

I have sort of started testing carbo loading  in a small way after reading “Train like a mother” .

I didn’t eat the amount I will need for the marathon but a third of the marathon amount as I ran just over 1/3 of a marathon distance today..

Thought that amount of carbs was appropriate TO START WITH:)

Happily eat more:)

“Oh, no, please don’t make me eat the bread”!

Twist my arm then to eat more Pasta…:)



 Thursday and Friday I upped my pasta, and bread intake.

I eat quite a bit of bread (err since I bake it a lot, I have to!)

Slight increase on the scales BUT didn’t freak out like the ladies @ another mother runner said not too!!

I made this gorgeous Fruit wholewheat bread , great for a runner I reckon!



It may be the placebo effect but I felt better, or I did not feel as tired today.

It was 16 km today but I reckon that rest day on the friday helps too…or the day before the long run , rest…

You know how hard that is for me!!

Rest…Evil word!


Will try the carbo loading again next week and see how we go especially as the long run increases.

Some of this too...yum!

Some of this too…yum!

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JULY Month Total :

Running : 39 kms/24.375 miles


Rowing :


Plyometrics: 1 hour


Burpee’s: Bloody heaps!@

Hours : 5.20

Monthly Distance: 39 kms / 24.375 miles


Mr Puss Puss

Mr Puss Puss says “I like carbs but prefer meat , thanks!”

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