Here’s Johnny…..

I’m back……

tasty tasty...

tasty tasty…

Well I had a wee holiday:)…from running and everything…

Err so here I am…Bit of self promotion today!!

I did actually go on holiday to Coromandel for 3 days…

Fishing, eating (no sun as its winter here), shopping, reading…

NO RUNNING!!! Argh….

Beautiful!! Fabulous bach…and outdoor bar!

Awesome outdoor bar!

Awesome outdoor bar!

So anyhow I started running again the other day after ….WAIT…you will not believe me!!

9 days, yes, 9 days off!!

Holy shit!!

My job contract runs out in 3 weeks and it is not being renewed.

But it is a blessing in disguise .

I have got my Classes starting at the end of August so I have (in my 9 days away) upgraded my website/blog and been tinkering with that.

I am adding an online shop which will be operating from August the 1st and I will be offering private lessons & adventures for those not into classes.

I have acquired my market stall licence as well and am looking at one day a week maybe at a local market.

I have also obtained a part time job (10-15 hours) to keep me afloat, lecturing/tutoring in hospitality at a private tertiary college.

Same pay for lecturing for that time as I was getting for 35 hours at my current job!!


In short, I will be self employed in a sense….

With the view to working towards being totally self employed!!

So get over to Greedybread and check it out and share, share, share!!

Great Wall of Coconut ice!!

Great Wall of Coconut ice!!

So I have eased(sort of) back into my running…

2 x 7 km runs the last few days…

Tomorrow weights and run…

Week 4 of the marathon training!

2013 miles/km Challenge:

JULY Month Total :

Running : 54 kms/33.75 miles


Rowing :


Plyometrics: 1 hour


Burpee’s: Bloody NONE!!!

Hours : 7.00

Monthly Distance: 54  kms / 33.75 miles


P1100188 (640x480)

Silly Minnie Cat.

Silly Minnie Cat.

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