Squat Jumps! Argh…HATE!!

download (34)Yes, I am still here in NZ, not in Italy.


Still looking at Pitigliano…or Bolzano….

After my pretty useless effort this month on the  errr cross training front, I decided to do some weights.

Yes, It took me all week to talk myself into it.

“Helps you run” says good sensible not wanting to get injured Michelle and then can’t be arsed Michelle goes “oh yeah but its sucks”..

‘Yes, but we burn more fat when we have more muscle and we don’t get injured running”…says Good girl…

“Yes, BUT its shitey doing it and we HATE IT!! “… says bad girl:)


And so on and so forth.

nike 2

In reality, when I do weights , its ok, its not all that bad but its just ISN’T running!!

It gives you great shape too.

What can I say??

 I was a WEEEEEEEEEEEE bit sore today….but did a nice easy 8kms to loosen the legs.

Squat jumps and burpee’s…HATE HATE HATE!!

In fact squat jumps are the worst!!

I will do Burpee’s and I like to see how many I can do before my legs collapse …

BUT the squat jumps, I hate them , pure and simple, don’t care how many I can do, in fact never ever want to do them!

But I did.

That’s right Frankie!!


Err, well did it the squat jumps way:)

Just as well I did because my son made this beautiful cake for his Grandma and one is obliged to eat it!!

Normally I will decline but when my baby has worked hard all day to make this beauty (esp after I yelled at him earlier in the day as I was STRESSED about the dinner) one needs to eat it!!

A sliver I had…

VERY VERY YUMMY but I will need to do at least 100 squat jumps to work that baby off:)

Beautiful way to end the dinner….

Pulled Pork with BBQ glaze, Southern Fried chicken, Green Salad, Apple Coleslaw, Rolls, Mashed potatoes and Roast kumara and potatoes….

I will be running and squat jumping ALL week.

Beautiful cake!!

Beautiful cake!!


( A bloody lot after this beauty)


2 thoughts on “Squat Jumps! Argh…HATE!!

  1. My legs are some from yesterday’s five miler. I’ve got that tired/aching/sore feeling which in a weird kinda way is good. Your thoughts on Italy are the same as how I feel about Greece, one day!

  2. actually, i laughed at your infogram today….made me think of our paleo friends)…yes, italy…sigh…i know in reality the grass is not greener BUT it helps at the time to think so:)

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