Woooh!! Its AUGUST!!

Yep, next step XMAS:)  Argh!


July, bit of a write off for me, a bit of a splutter month…stop, start, stop….exercise wise.

I had the WHOLE of last week off!

Yes, WHOLE! No running, no nothing….I lie, I ran on Monday and then NOTHING until yesterday!

That was after my piss poor effort the week before as well..

The week gone was my last week at my official job and the Auckland food Show.

Plus I was tiling away on my new website, altering, fixing etc…

I was up till 2 am most nights and getting up at 6-7 am….TIRED!!

icook had a stall at the Auckland Food show where all the people who rent the icook kitchen were able display their work in a small way.

 I was lucky enough to help out the ladies @ icook kitchens where I rent their commercial kitchen space.

Icook Display stand

Icook Display stand

Greedybread display

Greedybread display

Unbelievable exposure and such a generous gesture, so I was only to happy to smile, give out leaflets and answer questions as well as being able to display my cards etc.


Commercial Kitchen rental is a great idea, fantastic for online or small businesses.

It means you don’t need to have your own kitchen as here in NZ , everything sold food wise has to be made in a registered kitchen…

Unless it is for a charity or non-profit, I think.

So for small businesses staring up, its hard, because the cost of starting or owning a commercial kitchen is prohibitive.

icook kitchen is one of the few rental kitchens on a small-scale in NZ.

lots of greedy samples!

lots of greedy samples!

 I did the stall 2 days (Food Show is 3 days, well 4 but one is a special preview day) and then Hubby, Alex and I went round part of one afternoon…

I go most years but hubby & Alex had not…

A great time was had…Port, wine, food, wine, beer, port, food, wine…err you get the general drift 🙂

Next year there will be a GREEDYBREAD stall .

That is my promise to myself!

Me with Jean (one of the owners) at the Food show!

Me with Jean (one of the owners) at the Food show!

Another Greedybread display...

Another Greedybread display…

Gorgeous fig bread i made with Figs from the show

Gorgeous fig bread I made with Figs from the show

icook stall

icook stall err.. beside the Gin one:) Lucky me!!

Greedybread at the show!

Greedybread at the show!

Hubby and greedyboy at the show...

Hubby and greedyboy ( pink shirt ) at the show…



Alex's favourite..

Alex’s favourite..

me at the Stand again...

me at the Stand again…

beautiful icook mural

beautiful icook mural

My fav...the fig people...

My fav…the fig people…

Loved this too...

Loved this too…

Anyhow after feeling like a sloth, and you just feel slug like when you don’t run, I went for a 8 km run yesterday…

Really wanted to run and run and run but knew after a week off, easy , easy, easy…

Or it would be injury, injury, injury…:)

Today I did a 7 km run and 45 minutes of plyometrics…

Will tell you about that burpee blaster tomorrow!!

I Feel better now, I just miss running when I don’t do it.

It is like a longing in my bones):

Sometimes nothing else fixes anything but a run.

That is my bliss!

You find yours !


Greedybread samples

Greedybread samples

Greedybread fudges

Greedybread fudges

Cats were exhausted too...

Cats were exhausted too…after all their hard work!






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