Is it a reverse Brad Pitt thing?

Remember when Jennifer Aniston said that Brad Pitt was missing a sensitivity chip?

For some reason, I was thinking about being sensitive whilst running yesterday…

Which then made me think of Brad Pitt, who is a bit of a twit , SENSITIVITY ASIDE.



Do you think you are more likely to have depression if you are sensitive?

Or is being sensitive a by-product of the depression?

Only a wee ponder today as I am working again tomorrow…

Plus have an order for RED VELVET LAMINGTONS to make tomorrow , so they can sit over night for dipping Wednesday..


 i will have a snooze first "...

i will have a snooze first “…

Tomorrow, 10 x High school year 13 (final year at high school) come to learn basic cooking/baking skills for 4 hours.

All good kids…

But harder work than the kids/adults on today’s Basic cookery course…

Todays class pay a small fortune to the Tertiary Institute I work at to take a full-time course and they want to learn but the high school kids, well some see hospitality as a soft option…

Or a last choice option…

Hard to learn when you don’t always want to…

Nice kids though, not rude but want to be elsewhere usually:)

Grab one!

Grab one!

Tomorrow my first Grab one deal starts on my own wee business, Greedybread.

Basically you offer your products/service at a deal price…

You do Grabone for the advertising reach, you barely break even but the exposure is great for starters or even established businesses who want a boost.

I think most countries have something similar.

So a bit nervous no one will buy!!

And a bit nervous, it may all sell out and I will be making fudge from here to eternity!!




15 km run yesterday and then 6 km run on Saturday after the plyometric assault on friday!!

Today an hours brisk walking…

Better than zilch….




Running:  75 kms

Plyometrics (including core) 2 X 45 minutes

Yoga: yeah, yeah, getting there…



Mr Puss Puss in the bookcase/wardrobe

Mr Puss Puss in the bookcase/wardrobe


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