Why can’t we ignore FOOD?

I know , you are shaking your head in disbelief!!

This from one who makes food, lives food, teaches food,LOVES food!

One who tells people to be GREEDY!!

No, I promise, I am not being a hypocrite!!

But hear me out>>>>>>>>

Very Greedylicious!!

Very Greedylicious!!

Another Greedybread delight...

Another Greedybread delight…

Just before I was bagging up the fudge above, …… I have to say I am addicted to it.

I always used to say to people who worked with chocolate etc “oh but you would get sick of it” and they would say “no’.

I would think “whatever” yes you would!”, HA HA!

Now I understand!

Anyway, I digress, I was bagging up a deluxe fudgey pack to go out & i had eaten my dinner, not long ago, had a coffee and some fudge, yet I was still wanting to eat it.

But it wasn’t just the fudge, there was a sausage in the pan, I was thinking of scoffing that and some oven chips that were cold!!


tasty tasty...

tasty tasty…



I wasn’t even hungry, in fact I had eaten so much fudge prior, I hate to say BUT I was bordering on feeling ill…

It is like an uncontrollable urge.

People who scoff and say “there is no such thing as food addiction, get some control” are wrong.

I am not addicted to food but I can see and totally understand how it can be addictive, especially when you get an urge to eat that you can’t control.

It is similar to the urge to smoke and being an ex-smoker, believe me, I KNOW!!

People say willpower but nope, its more than that.

I can remember when I stopped smoking at times, I would have urges to smoke so intense that I seriously could have got down on my knees and cried about.

Out of the blue, months and even years later.

Even now 6 years on, I still get the odd urge for no reason but obviously less intense BUT the urge is there!

I find it is the same urge to eat at times but not intense as with smoking..

BUT imagine how it is for those who get that same strength urge to eat as I did to smoke!!

give me some!!

give me some!!



I find it is only some foods, I have to put them OUT OF SIGHT!!

Once the food is out of sight or I have a glass of water or tea/coffee to take away that original taste if I have had some food already , then I am ok, else I can’t help myself.

I wonder is it because we were always told not to waste food or what about the kids in Africa?

So we see food that is not eaten and we feel it must be eaten?

I said that to my sons once and they said” But we don’t live there”!!

Hmm, not quite the point!

Is it this need not to waste food that has been a contributor to obesity?


I really think we should be GREEDY but in moderation if that makes sense…

I mean it in the sense, we should enjoy food, that is what it is for, to give pleasure but like all pleasurable things, we have to understand moderation:)

Too many mixed messages which is why I think we have complex relationships with food.

Well back to running, much easier to think about 🙂



Time for some new sneakers tomorrow….


Its my favourite TIME!!

Apart from boot buying!

Glycerin 12 or Adrenaline?

The ones I had before the Glycerin babies above!!

Decisions, Decisions….

I am not sure if i am ready to move from Brooks to Mizuna either…

Its bad enough just deciding between 2 brooks pairs as I will probably do.

Maybe I should get both?

As both suit my gait…

Or is that being GREEDY????





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