Hide those delicate eyes or ears…

Turn away now if you are easily offended!

Today I am going to tell you about grey growlers the size of the Karangahape Gorge!!

he he he....

he he he….

Actually Kerre Woodham is….

Ha ha, That Kerre is a laugh!!

Her latest book is a scream and she is right on the money in what she says!

Grey growlers that no amounts of vaginal creams can assist and the like!!

Love the bit where her hubby goes to get his undies off the washing line BUT leaves everything else on the line and wonders why she has a fit!!

Men, as he says, need to be told to do things, they do not just see them like women.

This is true…I can leave the rubbish in the middle of the floor and everyone will stand over it!!

Steam rises from ones ears!!


Get it, read it, its great!!


new beauties- defyance

new beauties- defyance

Pretty cool….

Stayed with my old fav’s Brooks but went to a lesser support model, as I am pretty neutral in the support needs.

I tend to run on the outer tip toes of my feet, sort of a slant….

But my support needs are not that great but as I said when I had the flat shoes, I like a bit of support.

So my old Glycerin’s are going in the bin…

Sob, sob, sob….I know some people keep them..

Well I may keep them and use them in a mud run…

I am going to get a 2nd pair so then I can alternate the sneakers and they will last longer:)

You want them.

You want them.

Also I am ashamed to say it BUT I did not like the current color of the glycerins so when the new model comes out at Xmas, I will get another pair then…

But I will almost be due another change by then anyways:)

Two days of test runs…smooth, smooth, smooth…

The rain poured down today but the good old sneakers weren’t too wet!




Running:  109 km.

Plyometrics (including core) 3 X 45 minutes

Yoga: yeah, yeah, getting there…



now have a bit of this!! yummy

now have a bit of this!! yummy


2 thoughts on “Hide those delicate eyes or ears…

    • i have eaten salad/ veg all week, truckloads of it!! I do feel better but as the weekend is upon me again and more orders to be filled,the sugar fill up will begin again BUT i have to say the urge is not as strong this week!

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