Sugar..That’s what Little girls are made of..

Very bad!

Very bad!

Hmm, not THIS GIRL!!

Not this week after last weeks serious sugar coma!!

Seriously, I don’t know how people eat that much sugar all the time…

I just felt yuck and unclean…like I had bathed in it.

Be Greedy BUT in moderation…

After force feeding myself salad, veg , fruit and truck loads of water and herbal tea at EVERY chance this week, I am feeling 100% better.

However, the weekend is upon me again and the time to fulfill people’s fudgey delights is here!

Thus the sugar!!

Demonic I tell you.

I will say that I have not been inclined to partake in the sugar fix as much.

I am not saying I have had none, that would be a LARGE lie.

But the sugar intake has decreased by about 85%!

A quick test and that is that, not a large test, a large taste and then 4-5 more checks!!

I made 2 gorgeous breads this week, so this has also kept me away from the sugar!

my gorgeous ciabatta!

my gorgeous ciabatta!

This is a prime example of how I am over the sugar…..

Today I brought some Sicilian Pistachio Chocolate, some Valhrona choc and some marzipan ( which I am very partial too) all for fudgey recipe samples.

Valrhona, as you know, is like the All Blacks of Chocolate.

I had to sell my kids and cats ( just kidding, not the cats but the kids are toiling away in a French Choc factory!! ha ha) to get some and I had one small piece and that was that!!

Wasn’t even that excited….bit meh really!

Normally I am like a Tigger with that chocolate!

I haven’t even eaten the others yet…Errr sampled I meant!!

Plus I have been running all week and I tend to eat pretty well when running.

I am this week trying more protein to see how I go…

Trying to figure out if I can salvage the Marathon training..

new beauties- defyance

new beauties- defyance

Yep, have a look again at these babies (above)…Beautiful…

Smooth running, nice, even with less support.

Long run tomorrow and maybe Yoga on Monday.

Need to start weights/plyometrics again else it will be Grandma’s handbags for me!!

easter bunny


Running:  125 km.

Plyometrics (including core) 3 X 45 minutes

Yoga: yeah, yeah, getting there…



errr no thanks!!

errr no thanks!!


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