No…..It’s September!!! Come Back August…

See, I turn around and it is SEPTEMBER!!!

Bloody hell mate….

Diabolical! I have been a wee bit AWOL on writing this month…

I do need to say in my defence, first off I have been running, that is the main thing:)

Everyone will agree with me on that one…

Secondly, I did 100 + burpees today!!

Ha ha, that excuses you from a multitude of sins:)

not a lot of this happening!!

not a lot of this happening!!

The last 2 weeks have just got away from me.

As you know I am now mainly self-employed but I seem to be busier than before.

I am between terms at school so I am doing up new lessons for the new batch of students starting in 2 weeks.

My wee business, Greedybread,  is coming along nicely, slowly,slowly but improvements each week and that is all I want!

Too much , too fast is not always a good thing.



Hubby and I are looking at a business opportunity in Taupo, which will think maybe too good to pass up.

We need to put a tender in, so it will be fingers crossed all round once we complete that in a week or so.

Taupo is the site of Lake Taupo, a famous NZ lake.

It is very outdoorsy, touristy and adrenaline junkies paradise.

Ski fields are about 60 minutes away.

Smelly Rotorua is 45 minutes away.

Close to hike the Tongariro crossing.

Running round the lake, ok, its 150 kms, but in stages, A dream run!!! 

Beautiful scenery….

And its a zillion x’s cheaper than Auckland….

House are like a third of what we pay here!!



We think we need a change from the city.

Until it was mentioned, we hadn’t really thought about it.

But we don’t seem to be getting anywhere in the city, it’s so expensive…so why not try ?

If we hate it, well we will do our 2 years of the contract and come home.

What do you reckon?



I did this run earlier this week that was awesome.

You know one of thise runs that you feel you could run forever?

One where every step makes you smile and happy?

A tigger run…bounce, bounce Tigger!!

I love Tigger….

Which is strange as those sort of people, I want to slap usually:)

I digress….

Well most runs make me happy even shitey ones!!

But we know what I mean…

A run that makes you want to throw your hands up in the air whilst running?

It was totally great, that is WHY I love running!!

Ok, I lie, it  is one reason….But its so worth it .

thats it!!

thats it!!

AUGUST round up TOTAL:

Running:  162 km.

Plyometrics (including core) 4 X 45 minutes

Yoga: yeah, yeah, getting there…



very tasty!! Fresh home made pugliese bread!

very tasty!! Fresh home made pugliese bread!


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