Ok, I am ready now…



I had the most amazing run this weekend.

Firstly,  it was with my brother, and like me, he is a lone runner:)

So that was a privilege, and I say that with no smartness.

I ran along side the Huka falls!!


Huka Falls

Huka Falls

I kid you not!

Look at it, that is what it was like!!

My brothers dogs, just loved it, and they were going hard out all the time!

It was cross-country and off trails which I do bugger all of.

Amazing scenery but a fantastic work out.

We did about a 9 km round trip.

Going there, was a little challenging, up and down, in and out):

A nice run , not easy but we could have a conversation…

Going back was a lot harder, more up and winding hills and over rougher terrain but amazing views and it was exhilaratinG!!

totally amazing!!

totally amazing!!

just like this!!

just like this!!

My brother runs this all the time.

There is a 18 km looped run to a dam as well…so next time!!

He said he has run maybe 2% of the possible trails in the last few years…

See? Now how can I go back to my run tomorrow?

I ran on friday round Lake Taupo, which is amazing too but it was lakeside front, pavement, apartments etc….

Beautiful but not the same…

this too....

this too….

Past Huka lodge, which is one of the most elite NZ hotels.

Huka Lodge

Huka Lodge

So tomorrow?

to this!!!

to this!!!

I will be off to get myself some trail shoes and head out to go cross-country up one tree hill, not the same but better than pavement…

Did I say my husband and I went to Taupo look at houses and jobs as well as visit my brother who lives there.


Yep, we are considering leaving the city, traffic etc of 1.9 millon people to go to 15,000 people….maybe 60,000 in summer.

It’s a very outdoorsy place, very touristy but more adventure sport tourism, than Rotorua and its a higher class of tourism…

So more over nighters, not just day trippers….

1 hour only from the ski fields!!

Lots to think about…..




SEPTEMBER totals!!

Running……85  kms

Plyometrics/weights – 45 mins x 2

Yoga …




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