If I was looking for a husband/wife….

I would marry me for bread alone…

That’s even before I get started on my running attributes!!

Yeah, being a bit skitey but my bread today was AWESOME!!

Went from being an over proved yeasty breast thing to a stupendous occhi & Mafalda with poppy-seed.

Otherwise know as Pane Siciliano!!

It was light, with a gorgeous taste of durum flour , the crust was just right crunchy…

Heavenly bread!!

proving the wonder bread!

proving the wonder bread!

I would not marry me though for my blog posts of late….


I have though , being running like a demon.

Look at the month totals, thus far….

Firstly, we have as I said prior been busy bee’s looking for work and houses in Taupo…

Plus it was my 16th wedding anniversary the other day….

Almost first time ever, I got flowers and we went out for a very nice dinner!

puddy and the fire

puddy and the fire

Secondly we have adopted a rescue dog.

Puddy cat:)

She is an ex chained dog, which generally means chained up 24/7 , all their lives.

If they are lucky they have food , a kennel or shelter, water and a little room to move…

Some though have chains of 20CM long!! no water, live in their pooh with crap shelter…

Why get an animal if you can be arsed to treat it decently?


going hell for leather

going hell for leather

Anyhow morning and night I run her as she likes a run!!

6 am , we run for 45 minutes and then we go to the park and I let her off and she bolts like a mad dog while I do 15 minutes of park laps…

Pm, either another 30 minute run and another park run or just long walk that is all park runs…

My cats, as you can imagine ARE NOT IMPRESSED!!

My ginger boy is MOST put out.

In fact he stayed under the neighbour’s house for one whole day!!

This cat lives to eat and sleep…not sleep under the neighbour’s house!

So all fun and games here….

a wee sleep...

a wee sleep…

SEPTEMBER totals!!

Running……195  kms

Plyometrics/weights – 45 mins x 4

Yoga …





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