Argh!! Blinded by the light!!

Blinded by white legs!!

Blinded by white legs!!

Yes, that time is upon us.

Time for winter legs to be exposed!!

Today was the day….

The people down the road are now blind!

The cats ran INSIDE in fright!

Argh…such whiteness….

Luckily I have used a summer photo so you are not blinded.

Please excuse the rugby league shorts…a very long story!

The cats are embarrassed by me…..

It’s that lily-white English rose skin (as my gran would say) from my ancestors.

An swarthy Mediterranean rellie would have been better!

Chipotle chili

Chipotle chili

Yep, rellies from the source of my chillies would have been appreciated!

I brought these beauties the other day….Smoky….not too hot but a great after kick…

I am going to make some kick ass bread with them in the weekend…

lovely, from the hubby

lovely, from the hubby.

I saw a very nice pair of trail shoes in the latest runners world mag….

They just happened to be trialling new trail shoes!!

A sign from the running gods or what?

What do you think?



or these ones?

Quite partial to purple:)



I think I will hit 300 kms this month…


Very happy and hardly any niggles…

I hate to say it, there has been bugger all strength training and no niggles…

So maybe some exercise in my STRENGTH program is attributing to it?

But have still done plyometrics…

Burpee’s pull on it, it’s the hamstrings…too long apparently…

More to ponder….



SEPTEMBER totals!!

Running……245 KMS

Plyometrics/weights – 45 mins x 6

Yoga …


can't run now. Am selecting dinner...

can’t run now. Am selecting dinner…


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