No, Nope, nadda, nothing….


Exciting to say as yet…

You will just need to wait till Tuesday like moi!!


And it is a long weekend here , that is why it Tuesday and not monday!!

Bloody hell.



But the running lunatic continues…

Plus I decided to start the weights again as was feeling a bit flabbish…

I just felt MEH!!

Day one yesterday and day two today.

You do 4 sessions a week, it’s called hard and heavy!!

Yes, my arms/chest feel like they have been pulled by zombies..



My legs feel very heavy, so on my day off today, I will run, run, run to loosen them up…

I did run 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after each session.

But I swear my butt is tighter ALREADY!!

It is the hamstrings and the backs of my upper legs that need work and strength I feel.

ONE LEG SQUATS, PISTOL SQUATS and other hideous lungey type things here I come!!

he he fav!!

he he he…my fav!!


Running: 220kms

Weights : 4  hours

That is all!!


thats it!!

that’s it!!


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