ARE YOU EXCITED??? This is for SHAZ!!

It is November!!

Yes, can you believe this???

Exciting times ahead…

I have been running like a demon despite been run off my feet….

And not in a fun running way either 😦

Here it is!!!

Just for you, Shaz…..

We have been house hunting…..

in Taupo!

Taupo is 3 and a half hours south of where we live now.



We will move in 3 weeks….

Taupo 633

Taupo 633

We will be going from 2 million folks to about 15,000…


But the RUNNING there is AWESOME!!

Taupo is amazing for outdoors sports, biking, running, trail walking, trail running, hiking, bungy etc…

Ski fields 1 hour away!!

Wooo…Snowboarding and skiing here I come:)



I can see myself becoming more of a trail runner maybe??

I will be doing the Tongariro Crossing this summer and I will be getting myself ready to Ski next season…

That will be interesting as it has been a few years!

Look at this range of runs, walks, trails etc!!

Tauhara trail run….

Taupo Half

Oxfam Trail Walker

Tongariro crossing

Iron Man NZ…



Been getting into my weights again…

Am doing a 4 day programme now…

So there has been an increase in weights this month!

October Totals:

Running: 220 kms

Trail Running: 20 kms

Yoga: nada

Weights: 6 hours!!




6 thoughts on “ARE YOU EXCITED??? This is for SHAZ!!

  1. I love it. It sounds fabulous and when I am more awake I will explore all the links. Your move sounds similar to ours last year when we went from Essex to Devon but without the skiing, I love it and look forward to reading about your adventures

    • Funny thing is when i was 18, i couldn’t wait to move to the city!! Now twenty years later…i just want peace and some quiet…
      I think it is a nicer way to live, people say hello( that will take some getting used to…paranoia), the bus driver drops me off by my house, people talk to you…Alas people also know ALL your business:)..
      and i am off to get some trail shoes soon>)
      this weekend there is a run/bike/ half iron man thingy…very very outdoorsy here…
      see runners all the time:) bliss bliss and more bliss!

    • omg, i did not see your comment. So rude, i am:) It is awesome here, it really is.
      I know it will not be smooth sailing but already I am sleeping better:)
      Not running better though, seriously the change in sea level height, as really affected my running…either that or I am being lazy:)..

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