Ummm…..Hello????? Are you Awesome?

I know, I deserve everyone to ignore me as I have been SLACK, SLACK, SLACK!!

And a little more slack…

Actually I have been so busy moving, I seriously have not had time to write.

As you know, I have been moving from one BIG CITY  to a wee town….

Auckland to Taupo….1.6 million to about 16,000 ….

We have been here 3 weeks but I have been still working in Auckland so coming and going..

From this week, It will be all over ROVER, and I will be here 99% of the time.

I still haven’t really realised I have moved:)

Its like when I first ran 20 kms, I could not believe it!! and then 40 kms!!

Awesome!! You will see why below…..

That is today’s word!!



I have been thinking of writing in the last week but put it off, put it off, put it off…


The dude in the pink tutu…. and I wanted to share it will all my running and black dog buddies..

SERIOUSLY, check it out.

After I finished smirking, it made me want to cry…What an awesome man!!

I dare you not to smile and cry!!

It will make you smile and give you some faith in humanity…

Yes, we know it exists but sometimes we need to see it.

Anyhow I got the pink dude story link off a site I belong to called “live more awesomely”

It’s a site about depression awareness but it’s for support, Jimi’s story, its great!!

It’s not a feel sorry , poor me site.

It’s a “Yes, I have depression BUT I am not feeling sorry for myself, I am kicking it up the arse”!

ITS AWESOME or FUCKING AWESOME as Jimi says all the time:)

Jimi Hunt

Jimi Hunt

live awesome

live awesome!

Ran out to Acacia bay today….BIG MISTAKE!!

At lunchtime in the blazing Taupo heat…

Gorgeous views BUT HOT HOT and HOT!!

The thing is it’s about 13 kms from my home…

That is ok BUT I forgot there is no bus out there..

So here is me thinking, nice run (hot but still nice) out to Acacia bay then bus back home.

NAH!! I had to bloody run back to town…

Because its sort of remote, you go past the first piece of Acacia Bay rd …..

Then all houses etc stop, it’s just like 5 kms of straight road, no shops, no houses, no no no no nothing!!

The 13 km from home in the heat almost killed me, let alone the extra 8 km back to town as I have been doing mainly 7-8 km runs of late…

Plus we are 200 metres+ higher than sea level than Auckland.

Or maybe I am just getting lazy???

Acacia Bay

Acacia Bay

More Acacia Bay..

More Acacia Bay..

I have stopped my running log but its all in my head.

I will start it up again next year…Not long now:)


Don’t forget to LIVE MORE AWESOME!!

I will have an AWESOME list for you tomorrow!


You know I love this!!

You know I love this!!

2 thoughts on “Ummm…..Hello????? Are you Awesome?

    • Cheers….well worth the run BUT at 6-7am or pm in summer:)…But apparently Acacia Bay is Tapu because they have unclaimed bones/graves i think there or similar…!! That is Maori for forbidden or you don’t go there, it is usually spiritual related… so Its nice there but i am superstitious so could not live no sun after 4pm ….but nice…

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