What do you hate about Xmas the most?

All of it, I hear you say!!

You need an AWESOME list!!

Go for an AWESOME run!!

We shall get onto that shortly…(tomorrow, promise, the AWESOME list!)

Yep, I know Xmas can be a bit overwhelming and quite often you don’t feel awesome..

And what about the people who feel lonely?

Check out Live more Awesome, cause there are tips there to help you feel less crap or look at the pink tutu man.

In fact you usually feel like strangling people at least until the 3rd or 4th STRONG drink kicks in..

Yep, Have a xmas drink!!

Yep, Have a xmas drink!!

Being honest, now my boys are teenagers, the Xmasy feeling is a little absent…

Even though, I tell them if they don’t believe, no presents:)

Its more about gimme , gimme, gimme…

No wonder people get depressed or more anxious at Xmas.

Stress, money, stress, money, dealing with cunty family or in laws  , trying to be nice, trying to please everyone, cooking a shite load of food and its in no way relaxing!

Even when the kids were little and it was a xmasy feeling, it was still stressful.

You know it is supposed to be about relaxing and being with people you like (blood or no blood), having a drink and some nice food..

The 2 worse things about Xmas?

The presents and ALWAYS going to see people you would rather not…I am being polite here.

Forget the presents as they are usually crap, unless you buy them yourself…

Why I know I just loved the calendar ( wtf ?), candles or sports towel I have received over the years…no thought at all.

Really showed they knew anything or thought about what I like…

Why bother?

So disappointing … And it is embarrassing opening things you clearly hate…

I would rather receive nothing…

If you can not put a little thought or effort in, don’t bother...cause its about the thought, not the gift or money spent.

Hubby says that they have brought you something means they have given it thought…Whatever!!

I dont think so…Its called lazy arse and useless and cant be bothered.

holiday cheer...

holiday cheer!

My ideal Xmas would be arriving in Italy about 15th so I have a good ten days to enjoy the Xmas markets and festivities…

But alas life or Xmas is never how you want it to be….I get to spend it most years with my husbands family.

Italy, it aint!

They are ok, in fact the father in laws family are excellent fun most of them!!

BUT I don’t like having my xmas dictated by the arrival of certain people..

It all hangs on what they are doing and we all have to fit in with that…

So Xmas is when his Highness arrives…

You know, all hail to the king type thing…..

Anyhow our new home is 4 hours away and we are working Xmas eve and Boxing day so we are staying home …

Yes, there is a Merry Xmas after all…

And a very Running new year!!

My fav Xmas food!! Pandoro...

My fav Xmas food!! Pandoro…


P.S We still have no tree….We have a make shift wooden african man stand thing!!

It actually looks good..

My IDEAL Xmas tree!!

My IDEAL Xmas tree!!


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