Have you got it?

Yes, your awesome list for 2014?

Better do it NOW!!

Remember Janathon Day 1!

Before I get carried away and blab on about my awesome list, I need to say 4 things.

1) I am going to shoot the little yappy dog next door.

shut up squeaky!

shut up squeaky!

Shut up you little fucker!!Its not that its annoying, well it is BUT…

What happens is that it makes our dog bark.

Our dog is NOT a small dog that yips…

She has a loud deep bark which is loud and she is barking each time this rat dog next door squeaks!!

I actually thought the guy next door was mending something originally…

Then I need to get up to check that our dog is just barking at this one, not anything else…


PLus our dog barking will be pissing off other neighbours as she is soooooo LOUD and spoiling their quiet recovery day:)

shuttttttttt up!

shuttttttttt up!

2) There is a tree outside the office that smells like cat wee and toe jam.

3) I am starting my running totals again today!

4) No, I am not on happy pills.

Being by the Lake is very calming for me, especially being a water sign:)

Ok, then that out-of-the-way, let us progress with awesomeness…

The point of the awesome list is to help clear your head when the black dog gets wayyyyyy too close for comfort!

do it!

do it!

For me it’s a list of things I want to do and I need to be well to do these so sometimes when I totally lose perspective, its a good thing to look at…

Its sort of like someone saying “calm, breathe, it’s all in your head”…


It is your step forward or to be corny, like an anchor.

I also put a few things down the end that I need to be grateful for as that helps because depression makes you selfish.

Not intentionally, but sometimes you can only see how it affects you and all your effort is in keeping yourself afloat, leaving nothing for others.



A friend of mine with depression said to me the other day, she wanted to go to sleep and not wake up.

Sorry, but that makes me so angry because so many people would give anything to live for another day, another hour.

I am not saying I never think black things and I don’t understand where she is, I do BUT you can’t allow yourself to think like that.

I know it is so hard to turn away from ugly thoughts but you have to try.

I truly believe one small change makes a difference and that is why we make an awesome list.

love this wee girl!!

love this wee girl!!


1) Do a marathon officially, not just the distance

2) Do a few fun runs  ( I am not a fun runner, I am serious )

3) Do a color run

4) Do a tough mudder- OOOOOH YEAH!!!

5) Run the Aratiatia dam loop

6) Do more trail runs

7) Do the Lucca/Venice marathon

beautiful Venezia

beautiful Venezia

Doges palazzo venezia

Doges palazzo venezia



8) Be calm

9) If people want to be ugly, fine, BUT I do not have to let it affect me

10) Do the Friends of Roman Cats Tour in Italy visiting all the cat shelters.

11) Get involved in cat colonies in Taupo.

12) Lose 3 kgs- this is a yearly thing



13) Get my full license!

14) I am me and unique and can not be compared to others.

15) Be kind to myself as I tell others to be to themselves

16) Do the Taupo Cycle challenge.

17) Start practising Italian again, before I completely lose it.

18) Do more runs by Huka falls

19) I can not change other people, I can only change myself.

20) Travel back to Turkey and also Morocco .

21) Leave behind negative people.

NB: Grateful for health,travel cats, hubby, kids, family, job, house, living by the lake.

amazing...Huka Falls

amazing…Huka Falls

Janathon Day one done and dusted!

January Totals:

Total Distance : 10 km.

Running: 10 km


Weights: (yes, being positive)


Time spent : 60 minutes


You know I love this!!

You know I love this!!


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