Grrr..Reality check…..

Ha ha …Found this unpublished beauty!!


This is a major rant!!

So escape while you can:)

These stop smoking books!!

Load of crap, most of them!!

Just like the countless upon countless weight loss books!!

What REALLY GETS me going is these claims that they are going to tell you something new and undiscovered…………BUT best of all its going to be EASY, PAINLESS AND FUN!!

I know smokers look like morons because we are killing ourselves but we actually aren’t!!

However some of these books sadly market the desperation that we feel as smokers when they write these shitty books.

Sorry guys but most of them are!!

These are a few of my favourite lines in the stop smoking books……

“Welcome to a refreshing new approach to quitting smoking” ???

or what about the eternally creepy story about a boy called freedom or my all time favourite “Are you excited?”



What FUCKING planet are these people on?

Most of these writers don’t even know what it is like to smoke so they don’t understand the addiction.

They may understand the THEORY of addiction and smokes but they haven’t lived it!!

Of all the smokers I have spoken to (and its a lot!!) most say it was HARD HARD HARD to stop.

I don’t recall fun being part of the conversation or the word EASY either!! GET REAL!!

Stopping smoking is neither fun, exciting, nerve-racking or easy!! Dickheads!!

liar liar

As you know, I love Allan Carr and revere him but I have to disagree with him (sorry Allan) as it was neither easy or fun to stop…………

It was good later but not fun, in fact if I had to scale it on a one to ten of shite things, it would rank up there past bloody TEN!!

In fact the ONLY reason I do not smoke now is I know how HARD it bloody was and to be honest, I am not sure I have the strength to do it again, so I don’t even go there, no puffs, no nothing!!

But it keeps me on the straight and narrow because it was so hard!!

BUT IT IS DO-ABLE, don’t think it isn’t!!


It is a hard hard road but well worth it but you do not see that initially which is why people give up!!

I ask you this, if smoking was easy or fun, why the hell do people still smoke?

Wouldn’t logic say that most people would then stop as it’s no bother?

In fact if it was so easy, I would probably not bother to stop as I know it would be so fun to stop when I wanted to, I could easily and with excitement and joy!!


What planet are we on???

That folks, is my rant for the day 🙂

Yes, the ginger is WATCHING  you!!!

Yes, the ginger is WATCHING you!!!

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