Hello…..Is it me you’re looking for?



goodbye helloYes, I know, I deserve it.

Who the FUCK are you? you say….

I have not blogged since ……….EKKKKKKKKKKK……January…

Can I say in my defense that I have been very very busy ?

I was working 70+ hours a week, 7 days a week for 9 weeks!!

That is a Lotta work going on.

Anyhow that is all over now rover cause I walked out of my job the other day as the FUCKERS had advertised my job with no word to me at all.

This is after me working like a dog for 10 weeks, cutting back on all my staff, and then rather than renewing my contract in 2 weeks….

They bloody advertised my job for 15K less!!

It’s enough to make a girl run!!


My bloody leg is playing up too so no running for the last week…Calf  & Hamstring….



So I marched in there and picked up my stuff and walked out.

This is a small place so good experienced staff are hard to come by so they have had to close part of their business for 4 days.

They must think I am an idiot, that I would not see.


20140309_132130 (800x600)

oh no black bach beauty…

Bit of a panic by Hubby as we just put an offer in on a house on the same day!!

Little bit worried as I could have been done for abandonment of position and received no moolah!!

Also could have had to go back there to work out my notice as well..NOT FUN!!

But a few choice worded threats etc and I have all I am owed plus a bit more and I am happy, HAPPY, happy..

Job interview tomorrow…

Might hear what the story is with our offer on the house too…

Fingers crossed.

hello beautiful shoes!!

hello beautiful shoes!!

I have up till last week as well been running like a demon.

Got 2 new pairs about 3 weeks ago…

One trail pair (purples) and one normal (yay defyance 7)..

Woo, very precious as I have never had a trail pair before BUT I need to say…

AWESOME!! They are so light and great even on the road….

As it’s so beachy all around here, they are good for grass running as it’s not like normal grass, its like mounds!

I shall leave you tonight with a few piccies…

Tomorrow, I think you need a cat posting!!

I have been saving them up for you!!

old shoes on..

old shoes on..

a puddy swim...

a puddy swim…

tree of mordor

tree of mordor

no sneakers...

no sneakers…

running to huka falls

running to huka falls

children of the corn run...

children of the corn run…

squished cat!

squished cat!







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