You will not believe it!!

No running thus far for 11 days thus far !!

Yes, you read that right…11 days!!

And it maybe a while longer.

less of this.....

less of this…..

Less of this....

Less of this….

More of this....

More of this….

After a sore calf and hamstring all last week and to be honest a sore twangy hamstring on and off for a few weeks…

I went to the Dr.

Yes, I know!! But you know too how it is when you want to run…

Asked for a sports doctor and got some man who whilst nice, I wasn’t 100% sure about.

Will be no smears etc happening there!!

I suppose having the same DR since I was 18 has not helped.

Anyhow blithering on, I have a torn tendon and trouble (not sure what) with the hammies.

Very tight and throbby left hamstring like I used to get with my right one…

Something with my sacrum is ajar…..

But its the calf that is the real killer..

can't run now. Am selecting dinner...

can’t run now. Am selecting dinner…


The best thing about a small town…the Doctors cost me 1/10th of what it does in Auckland.

I asked twice if that was right…then they looked at me weird and I shut up!

I start Physio (with a guy who does the local rugby team) on Monday and its all on ACC!!

For you non NZers, it is Accident Compensation Corporation.



If you have an accident, they pay…. they pay all your bills up to a certain limit depending on what you have done.

They even if its serious, pay 75% of your wages, sometime for life .

Yes, yes, yes, there is a non rose-tinted side to the ACC.

1) They are a govt department hence assholes to deal with.

2) Unless it is serious most people do not bother as all the hassle to get them to pay bills is not worth it.

Usually the serious ones have an easier time getting money out of a stone or suing someone ( which doesn’t happen here).

However, in some cases (mine) its easy  and you see the Dr and he recommends physio and he fills in the forms…

No talking to assholes on the phone for moi!

Voila…6 sessions, an ultrasound and some other high-tech baby…all paid for!!

BUT BUT BUT the sad sad thing is, I have medical insurance which would pay….but as it would require me to pay and then get maybe 75% refunded, that is a hassle.

So for once, I am not looking the gift horse in the mouth, I am shutting up and taking it!!

acc 2

I think though I will be starting swimming and I will be cycling (urgh) !!

I have been walking 90-180 mins purposely every day ….dragging the dog…

But it’s not the same and my leg is still bloody sore, so need to stop that.

Am doing 30 mins of yoga every morning and am going to add some body weight strength training..

But I still think swimming will be involved!!

Urgh and double ARGH…

bit hard to down ward dog with cat on the mat!!

bit hard to down ward dog with cat on the mat!!

no run tonto run today!!


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