Have I lost my sanity???

No but I have felt like it with no running!!

I felt like someone had chopped my legs off…

Do I still run??????

You bet your sorry ARSE I do!!

But it has been a long and drawn out depressing 8 weeks of nothing and a patchy 8 weeks before that…

Are you ready for the story???

WARNING: This is lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg:)

fairytale not

If you go back to the start of time….HA HA HA…


If you recall, I have for the last few years had trouble with my hamstrings on and off…

Runners as a rule, have weak hamstrings as most of us don’t run fast enough to strengthen them by running alone.

Wise runners, unlike myself, will do some weights to strengthen their legs.

 I have a real love /HATE HATE HATE relationship with weights and hamstring exercises.

In November last year I started getting niggles again in my right hamstring.

This seemed ok after I eased off on the mileage but in March, I had started to get the same pain but worse in my left leg.

It got so bad, I stopped running because for the first time ever I was scared of making it worse, so you can imagine how sore it was to make me stop running.

I run rain, hail, sore, stiff, leg sawn off… I run.


So I go to the Doctor here in Taupo…

Nice man but considering he told me what was wrong with my leg without letting me speak,

It was no surprise that the physio he sent me to was useless for running injuries.


Still no running.


I want to punch runners in the street.

It hurts to even walk.

This cheeky fucker running says “Hi” to me…

I want to kill him!!


I manage a grimace at him as it’s the unspoken law of running to say hi back…

Plus I know how when I am on a runners high ,

I want to share that HAPPINESS and if people grunt at me, it’s a downer!!

The black clouds start to CIRCLE..

Get off me you fucker!

Get off me you fucker!

Back I go to the Doctor’s and see another Doctor , this one is a sports specialist!!

On the right track….

I say I want a scan and a x-ray but he says “no” ……..


He says because it’s a biomechanical caused injury, I don’t need a xray etc…

There is hope!!

He recommends me to this guy here in Taupo BUT says you may have a long long wait!!




I think “shitey arses, I am going to have to go to Auckland”…

The running gods smile on me…

The Dr says” There is only one other person I would recommend, he is a runner and looks after professional runners….”

Are you excited?????

I was, I was almost yelling ” Tell me”!!!!

This miracle man is in Rotorua, 80 kms away BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK???

80 kms, is a nice 45 minute drive, not a 300 km drive to bloody Auckland to save my sanity!!

ROTOVEGAS here I come!!



So on a sunny day about a month ago, off I head to Rotovegas to see this miracle man.

It turns out I am not a hypochondriac but I strike my foot forcefully when I run and this has placed extra stress on my already weak hammies)

Because I have compensated instinctively and put more pressure on one side to avoid pain this has made it worse.

Lots of hamstring exercises for me.

Yay!! and it should be ok to do small runs, 2-3 times a week 30 minutes unless sore.

I make another appointment for 4 weeks.

he he he...my fav!!

he he he…my fav!!

I do the exercises he gives me (4-5 times a day) for a few days and then in my infinite wisdom, decide I don’t like them.

Plus my leg is sorer and I can’t run so I won’t do them and I tell myself won’t run either.

It won’t get worse that way if I do nothing , yep, that’s good logic, I reckon!

I go to the Physio on Wednesday just gone, feeling very sorry for myself and very depressed.

Basically he rips shit out of me & says that my logic is stupid because I need to do these exercises to strengthen the muscles so the pain will go away.

Doing nothing, even if not running, will not help, all it is doing is prolonging the problem and letting what muscle there is waste away.

Then he says I may like wasting my time and money to come to see him but he wants to see people who want to help themselves.




BUT he gave me another set of exercises to do plus some biking rehab exercises so I don’t go mental doing no adrenaline type running.

I like this guy cause this is actually what I need.



I took my sorry self off to the gym to join for 3 months to use their bikes to do the rehab biking and to do some weights..

Yesterday I did a Pyrenee’s bike climb for 60 minutes plus ALL the rehab exercises.

Today is day 3 and I have done the hideous exercises 4 times thus far today…

Which reminds me…one more set to do!!

I did a wee run, 15 minutes on the treadmill (blah) @ 10 kms per hour speed…and an hours weights.

It was sheer bliss that 15 minutes…

I just love running.

run alot

It is my joy and my purpose.

No running is like having your legs chopped off.

It is this longing in your soul and when you can’t, you have this distress …

I know that sounds mad, but I can not explain it any other way.

Runners or people who have the same bliss from an exercise will get it..


It helps me keep that bastard black dog away or at least manageable most of the time.

Half iron man December here I come.

I have my eye on the September running series here in Taupo…

3 1/2 marathons I think over 6 weeks???



So here I am again loyal runners….




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