Drum roll please!!

The weekly round-up!!

I know you are excited, I am too!!.

6 runs this week…

In a state of running euphoria!!!



I was singing (under my breath) whilst on the treadmill to gauge my speed range…

You know the “old” , if you can talk you are not working hard enough!!

Plus I was just soooooooooo happy to run, happy happy happy:)

running 3

1 x 15 minutes on treadmill plus 45 minutes weights.

1 x 16 minutes and on an incline ( getting a little cheeky) plus 45 minutes weights.

20 minutes on treadmill plus 45 minute plyometric session.

45 minutes on the trails by work.

35 minutes round the block by home.

35 around the block again in reverse:)


Each and every day, even though it is bloody impossible to do exercises at work, I have done my Hamstring exercises 3-5 times daily!!

do it!


The big question now is

“Is it working or is it the PLACEBO effect?”

Although when running I get the odd niggles in my Achilles or calf, I have not had much soreness or throbbing when I do not run.

Before my leg would just throb when not running and whilst I still get the odd throb, it’s nowhere as bad.

We will see!

But at this stage, It is looking positive.

I don’t want to be a negative Nelly but not running for 8 + weeks really saps your confidence in running again.

I am even sneaking looks again at the Taupo half Ironman in December and maybe the Kinloch half trail run in September…

Or Its 10km trail run if not the half 🙂

There is a 3 x half series here in July, August and September (which Kinloch is part of) but my leg won’t be able to do 21 kms this week.

Next year…..




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