July Challenge…Run round Italy!!

my fav!!

my fav!!

I wish I wish I wish!!

Wouldn’t that be a dream??

I decided  the July 100 mile challenge would be a good way to ease myself back into all things running….

I am a little inclined to go overboard and am likely to injure myself again!


Legs are all a go-go at this stage.

Still a wee bit niggly but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Like I said Rome wasn't built in a day...

Like I said Rome wasn’t built in a day…

The aim is to do 40 km a week, give or take…

Or ( 3 miles) 4.8 km per day…

Normally that’s no sweat but it will be a nice get back into regular running momentum…

So this week, being a six-day week, I have done 32.5 in 5 days so a little behind but that is ok…

Will do a wee bit more this week…

As long as I do 160 (100 miles) by month end.



I really really really and a lot more reallys want to run the Venice or Lucca marathons.

Both would be good or do 1/2 at one and then the full at the other…

OH NO!! They are both on the same day this year!!


Would you believe it???

Maybe one race at a time but what about that idea?

If you spent a year going round Italy running ?

Awesome…one race a month…..

Or bugger the races and start at the top in the Valle D’aosta and way I go , down and around….

10-20 km per day running then a train ride to the next place:)

What sort of long term visa would I need for that?


I have a plan, a cunning plan, so cunning…..ha ha ha

More on that another day.

My beautiful Boy..Tonto...

My beautiful Boy..Tonto…


Grand Total so far: 32.5 kms


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