Ahhhh Venezia!!

me @ San Marco

Hubby & a few pigeons @ San Marco

Looking at that Venice Marathon again last week made me think of Venezia again…

Sigh and SIGH!!

I want to go back……….

A wee visual feast first!!

San Lorenzo Gatti....

San Lorenzo Gatti houses…

Jewish Ghetto

Jewish Ghetto

The Moors- Love these guys...

The Moors- Love these guys…

Another moor...

Another moor…

Me @ Campanile..Looking out over Venice...

Me @ Campanile..Looking out over Venice…

Doge's Palazzo

Doge’s Palazzo

I have been three times and each time it just bewitched me.

Parts of it you want to hate, especially the tourists that treat it like a museum but it lures you in.

The graffiti saddens you, especially me coming from a NEW country..

They don’t understand or appreciate how much history there is on the wall that they ruin because they live with it all the time.

Me, freezing my arse off at the Questura.

Me, freezing my arse off at the Questura.

When we went in winter, we had San Marco square to ourselves, AMAZING!!

Plus we were the only people on the Rialto bridge 🙂

No acqua alta either but it was so very cold and I did do some running.

People who live in Europe/UK have no idea how lucky they are!!

But I digress, Running!

Weekly Challenge Update for 100 mile July Challenge..

running quotes

This week I really will be patting myself on the back.

Not because I didn’t overdo the running but because I was ill and it could have all gone to pot!!

Plus I did some weights too!!

Woooo, you go girl!

So here we go, the weeks story:)

Monday – 9 km run and walked home in the bloody freezing (6 km) cold.

Tuesday –12 minute run to gym, 1 hour weights, 12 minute run home ( 5 km).



Wednesday- 12 minute run then 20 burpees, 20 bicep curls, 20 full triceps dips, 20 push ups, 20 lunges & repeat 4 times. (9 km)

Get home Wednesday night and feel a bit tired and nauseous later in the night…

Thursday- Feel like size 12 shoe has stomped on me a million times and the toilet is my newest buddy!

Have to go feed my colony cats and walk to town to get car from hubby and it takes me 40 minutes!!

Normally its 15 minutes….

I stop half way and it on the fence as soooooooo tired.

Strangely enough, no running that day .

not that day!!

not that day!!

Friday – felt heaps better, but didn’t do any exercise, just some housework and cleaning

Saturday  – Walked 15 km with my sister-in-law in the ABSOLUTE arctic winds and rain in the morning.

THEN THEN THEN ran 6 km later that night in the pissing down rain.

This was indeed a miracle as I had 2 hours sleep because I had slept so much Thursday and Friday so went to work at 6am on Saturday .

Sunday – ( Today) – Ran 7 km in the arctic chill winds again:)

Yeah, yeah, greasy bum lick:)

The weeks mileage is then…well kilometerage:) ….

Wait for it!!

It does not include the walking, that is just extra.

36 km …Not bad for 5 days work…

Total for the challenge thus far???


I need to do 160 km…..

13 days down and 18 to go…..

ha ha ...hate them!!

ha ha …hate them!!


P.S- I have also been still doing my hamstring exercises:)

loving oggy too!

loving oggy too!


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