Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil….

zEE oiL...

zEE oiL…

Organic coconut butter from Poppy & Olive..along with other delicious butters..

Organic coconut butter from Poppy & Olive..along with other delicious butters..

Zee cream...

Zee cream…

Coconut Butter, Coconut cream, Coconut flakes, Coconut Shreds, Coconut Yoghurt….

Did you know you can get extra virgin or normal coconut oil??

Thought I’d give you a mid-week shock and write a post!!

It’s all coconutty today!!

I just love Coconut in all forms….

Coconut is supposed to be the ‘new’ elixir of the Gods, fixing all ills!

Bake, Cook, Rub it on your belly, Put in your hair, the list is endless.

Coconut & Almond milk and almond butter too…

Yes, a little food focused!

Coconut & almond milk

Coconut & almond milk

All flakey!!

All flakey!!

Zee milk...

Zee milk…



I decided my eating needed a little overhaul.

I go through these bingey type stages of not eating the best…

Hence all the coconut talk, especially as today, I am reinventing bounty bars …

No point exercising if I can not be arsed to fuel myself properly.

I never eat totally rubbish but I have not been eating my 5+ a day…

In fact some days there would be no + a day!!

Breakfast is always good……

Usually a piece of rye bread and an egg, then some yoghurt or a small handful of nuts or homemade cereal and yoghurt…

little miss greedy

BUT if I am at work, it all goes to the shitter after I leave home…

Some days I will pick at fruit all day and maybe have a cheese rye bread sandwich…

Other days I will pick and taste all the cakes, tarts, savouries I make and not eat anything else…

The only reason I am not the size of a house is I only eat small amounts…

When I get home , I DO NOT feel like cooking so oven chips it is…..


You get to the stage where you feel like a big bowl of veg or that your insides need a scraping clean out…

I will be eating less processed foods for a start.

I don’t eat fried food, lollies, chips, pies or fatty food much but I am eating way too many hash browns & oven chips at the present.

Like they say, You can not exercise away a bad diet….

So if I am putting in the effort exercise wise, then I really need to match it food wise.

Oven chips...Mmmmm

Oven chips…Mmmmm


Awareness Folks!

That is what I shall try for:)

Quick mid-week Running Total for the July Challenge..

28 Km thus far in the week and 3 days to go..


More of this....

More of this….

Mr Puss Puss having a relax...

Mr Puss Puss having a relax…


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