Nearly there…Changes are a happening!!


Not much exciting happening here this week…

We are almost at the end of the July running challenge.

Tonight’s run was not great, sore legs, so will go to yoga on Monday for a good stretch.

A more varied week this week.


6 runs (yada yada nothing new there) but also a SPIN class….

Yes, very exciting, very last-minute, you dare-devil you type thing!!

Live a little and all that.

baby steps

Pyrenees leg of the gyms Tour de France…

Hmmm, the Champs Elysees leg would have been better:)

Plus a weights session.

Really want to aim for 2 weights a week, a yoga and something else along with the running.

Get that variation in.



I was a bit adventurous with my breakfasts this week too..

Humus and avocado on toast one day…Homemade hubby humus too!!

Refried potato, cold pork and vegetables…

And Pumpkin, pork and spinach today!!

Added in some more nuts, figs and medjool dates rather than the usual Mr Whitaker’s..

Lovely Mr Whittakers!!

Lovely Mr Whittakers!!

Didn’t eat as much crap at work, well the refined sugary cakes, tarts etc…

I did get some vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, umm everything free, handmade chocolate (which i thought would be taste free too) but no!!

Yummy bum bums! Pana Chocolate .

Plus it is so dark, one square is enough.

Which is good as 6 squares for $9 ..

Whoa!! Not cheap…but worth it as you seriously can not scoff lots of it.

I shall be investing in some more.



Also got some Coconut butter after my homemade bounty bars were a hit.

But I wanted to try making them with the coconut butter rather than oil.

I am going to start making more spelt bread as I was doing before we moved.

Not a big milk drinker, I am now liking almond and coconut milk in small amounts.

I tried a new flavour yoghurt from the Collective, Raspberry and Amaretto!!

Almost as delish as my fave coconuts!



Ok, enough of the yawn inducing foodie rants…

A total of  38 km this week.

Total this far is 110.50

New Total is 148.50km.

4 days to go and 11.5 km to run.

Off to Sunny Napier this week so will run there.

August will be the Burpee and butt challenge I think:)

And a bit more running…



P.S …I just joined the August 100 mile challenge…


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