Well…..What do you say?

20141113_105914 (600x800)After having a wee break?

Ok, big liar that I am, a LONG LONG break.

I am still running, does that make it all better?

Nope, Nope , Nope.

I thought as much.


Ha, so anyhow here I am again.

It was a bit of a bum year running wise and sort of up and down everything else.

Injuries, sore legs, patches of unemployment, black dog hounding me and no bloody mojo often.

I still ran but would do 2-3 runs one week and then 6 the next then nothing for a week, then 1.

Put on 3 kg and took it off and put it on again:(

Talk about farff around!

The running gods were giving me the slap.

Possibly I was giving myself the slap!

There was some good though, we seemed to have settled now into this wee town.

We brought our house here in June and have started doing it up.

Here’s a quick peek at the evolving garden…

Before Front Garden june 2014

Before Front Garden june 2014

After June 2014...

After June 2014…

October 2014

October 2014

Today Jan 2015

Today Jan 2015

My new job which I started in late November 2014 seems to be more settled than anything else that I have had here prior.

2 nightmare jobs and lots of being stuffed around.

BUT there are the most amazing runs here.

All the tracks out and past Huka Falls

running to huka falls

running to huka falls

So many races, running, swimming, cycling here all the time.

For the first time the 1/2 marathon here in Taupo will be a marathon this year.

Is that the BLOODY fates telling me something?

I have started getting into trail running as , well there are lots of trails here.

I am looking at doing this Tussock traverse in 2 weeks to kick things off, maybe the 13km.

But got to sort out the hamstrings, I worked on them for months after my last injury but now I need to do it again.

I feel the twinge and my both Achilles are sore.

Is this age?

old bones 2

So back to doing a weekly total or monthly tally.

January 2015 total thus far: 

14 kms

2 runs.


Mad minni in the cat nip...

Mad minni in the cat nip..


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