Hot!!! Phew…Still here!!

But I went out.

It’s a really dry heat here in Taupo, unlike the muggyness we are used to in Auckland.

I am working mainly nights at the moment so tend to get up about 9-10am and after that its too hot to run until 8-9pm and I am at work still .

Excuses anyhow so today, got up at 10, had a coffee and went for a 40 minute run.


It is nice at 6am here so I may need to get up and run at 5.30am.

I need to bring my mileage up to a regular 40-50kms again by march to start my 20 week marathon programme.

At the moment I am doing maybe 20-30kms over 3-5 runs but then I will still have the odd week where its 50-60km.

Left leg/knee is really sore, not sure what is going on there.



About 2-3 weeks ago, i went to kneel down at work and seriously, I could not kneel down, the pain was so bad.

Serious, I have had 3 children with no pain killers, so I know pain BUt this was unbelievable.

It was fine standing but as soon as I went to kneel, it would hurt intensely.

I went home and it was ok the next day but have noticed a real nagging, dragging pain in my left kneecap.

Doesn’t hurt to run or anything and has not hurt like it did that night.

running quotes

Need to do some hamstring and Achilles work too.

Things to do, things to do.

Not a stretcher but needs must.


January Total:

3 runs

22 kms




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