A Trail Run….

20140410_131929 (600x800)No,not a trial!!

A trail!!

You know, in the bush, off-road.

Lots of that here and its great…

running past this!!

running past this!!



I consider it a harder run because you are going up and down hills and in and out and the heart rate is going up and down, not at a steady constant.

Softer on the joints as it’s not concrete but more cardio than normal street running.

Plus its interesting as you don’t know what’s around the corner most of the time…

Only one small wee gripe is the Spotify loses connection as its often remote and the bush/hills kill reception.

This does make me wonder why then they say to take your phone with you then???

I have tried to map my run in the bush but no go.

No run yesterday….Far Far too HOT!!


One thing I wanted to do this year, this summer was go paddleboarding.

As you can imagine living next to the lake and bush means lots of outdoor activities.

But when you live here, you do not always try what is there.

Jetski, paddleboarding, cruises, bungy, jet boat rides, sky diving, trail runs, hiking, swimming, skiing, trekking and so on.

Paddleboarding and the Tongariro crossing I want to do before March this year.

Something different and new muscles used!


my fav!!

my fav!!

January Tally.

Runs : 5

Kms : 40 km

Time: Hmmm about 180 minutes.


Lake Taupo by City Centre.


2 thoughts on “A Trail Run….

    • I have to agree…Since I have moved here I have done more off road than before and i enjoy it. It is more of a challenge in a different way. Not sure about the trails here though in winter!!

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