Vomit or Wee?

love thisHmm hard choice…

You know that feeling when you have run so fast (not usually me) or done such a mammoth hill or hill work  (more me)that when your heart rate starts to decrease, you feel that you need to vomit or wee?

When you get to the top of that hill?



It’s like for a second you can not breathe, you have reached maximum breathing capacity?

Is there even such a thing?

Only for 2-3 seconds, you get the wee or vomit feeling, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

Yep well coming back on my run today I felt that.

A good workout !!

The gut buster….

yep this is me!!

yep this is me!!

Although I really like running, I like hard stuff.

I totally believe in go hard or go hard most of time.

Not like these people who go to the gym and read books?


Why waste your time?

This is why I like trails I think.

I do easy runs, don’t get me wrong

but I think 1-2 hilly type challenging runs each week is good for the soul too.

and the ego!!

hard work 2

I went up on the highway outta town and down this back road along country type roads to Huka Falls today.

There are heaps of trails around Huka falls but I always run on the other side of the river/ waterfalls.

I went past Huka Resort, then past Huka Lodge ( said in a whisper).

I did wonder why the grass coming up to the gates of Huka Lodge was so green when all around is mainly brown as its so hot.

They must have a little man standing there watering the lawns:)

Motorway going up towards the off road for Huka Falls.

Motorway going up towards the off-road for Huka Falls.

Home (ha ha)

Home …Ha ha  , See the Green Grass?

Looking wild and wooly today

Looking wild and wooly today

See where the people are above?

I usually come in from that side.

Not today….Today I went home that way.

Went there through back roads and back home through bush.

It was hot hot hot!

When I got to the falls, I brought an orange juice at the Kiosk there, energy was a little sapped.

Normally I never drink my calories but needed a sugar hit today as energy was sapped plus it was about 90-100 minutes running in total.

Had a quick look at the falls, lots of people as its peak summer here.

Ran home through the bush and Spa park which backs onto Huka Falls forest and is a large thermal area with pools and hot water, all in the bush.

Lots of walks at Spa park too.

Past these fellas having a swim..

Past these fellas having a swim..

Next weeks long run will be up here again BUT rather than stopping at Huka Falls,

I will carry on to Wairakei resort and Aratiatia dam.

It’s about a 20km round trip that one.

There is an amazing private golf course up there that breeds kiwis.

I have worked there a few times.

aratiatia dam

aratiatia dam

Off to rest my tootsies now as hubby & son have made Sushi!!

Yum, bloody hungry!!


nikeJanuary Tally:

Runs : 7

Kms: 62

Time : 320 minutes.

need some sugar!!

need some sugar!!


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