I hate to tell you this…..BUT…

smoking-while-runningSometimes you just want to smoke even though you stopped years ago.

 I get cravings, really really strong ones at times.

Like the wee or vomit feelings of yesterday, its only a split second.

But so much goes through your mind in that split second and you realise how you are always vulnerable.

You get this whole “oh, one won’t hurt”, “one puff won’t hurt” or just the old “WANT IT”!! attitude.


no no no...

no no no…

 Maybe its the new year that does it but I have times where the cravings pop up more than usual.

It makes you realise how strong addictions are and why with all addictive substances, you have to be on guard for ever.

I don’t mean on the edge of your seat but aware.

In a way it reminds me of the black dog, its lurks there in the shadows.

Although this blog has always been about the running, it was about putting that information out there about what helped me to stop smoking.

Running was a big factor in helping me stay stopped and that is why it is so close to my heart and why I bang on about running so much.

I hope in yabbing on so much it would help others stop smoking or start to run or both hopefully.

This side of my blog I am going to write a bit more on, more often this year.

images (57)

Smoking Cessation is something I am very passionate about.

I think there is a time for everyone to stop and a way but YOU need to find the right way for you.

I strongly believe there is in not enough help to stop smoking.

It has got better in time but it is still not treated like the addictive substance it is.

No matter that is more addictive than heroin and more easily accessable.

I can get locked up and all the help I need if I take drugs but if I smoke (which is so much more addictive and harder to stop), I am in many ways on my own.

You need to stop YOUR way and for most of us who are successful, it is a combination of methods.

And 99% of us took at least 6-10 goes to stop.

So stop worrying about the twats that skite they stopped straight off and EASILY too….

Who cares, you need to find your way!

 Have you read some of my early posts on smoking?

Well lets get started!!

Are you ready?

So, Liar or addict?

I bloody love food.



Just a small run today after my massive Huka Falls go!

Plus I am doing something very exciting on Tuesday so need to do an easy run today and tomorrow.

Tell you all about it tomorrow!

But I will give you a wee hint!!



January Tally:

8 Runs.

Just an easy run today.

69 Km

360 Minutes.

he he he...my fav!!

he he he…my fav!!


2 thoughts on “I hate to tell you this…..BUT…

    • know what you mean…i don’t want to smoke and i am not sure if i miss it but i miss all the ‘good things’ i associate with it…
      Things that you know aren’t real anyhow…but in that split second they are.

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