Hi Ho Hi Ho…Its off to…

mapTongariro I go…

Alpine Crossing here we come!!

Very excited!

It is one of the best hikes in NZ and people come from round the world to do it.

And and and, it’s a mere 30 minutes from here…

We go skiing here in Winter.

Hubby and I have been trying to find the best time to do the crossing from people who have walked it.

Hope the lakes really look like this!!

Tongariro lakes

Tongariro lakes

Before Xmas, there was still snow around and it was often rainy etc so we had to nix it a few times.

Then after Xmas we have been busy at work, as this is a holiday town and we didn’t get days off together.

But finally the stars have aligned and off we go at 6am…

Start early as it will be hot tomorrow PLUS if we make good time, we will do the Mt Ngauruhoe

or Tongariro summit which is another 2 hours.

Snow on the track in October/November

Snow on the track in October/November

Backpack is packed with leggings, jacket and scarf in case it gets cold.

Book, plasters, water, food parcels, pen and paper and map too.

Shorts and sneakers already by the front door.

Better get hat, sunglasses and sunscreen too.

Shuttle booked for trip from end of crossing to where we park our car at the start.

No running tomorrow but surely I can add at least 15 km on to my running total :):)

Good cross training!!

All 3 summits!!

Mt Ruapehu, Ngaurahoe & Tongariro

If all goes well tomorrow, I want to do the 3 mountain range summits!!

The Tussock transverse run is here as well , the race that I was rattling on about a few weeks ago.

I want to do it but was worried about the terrain and the elevation but after tomorrow I will know.





Just in case you are a hiker or want to know more about this gorgeous area…

Here are some interesting links…

Tongariro Crossing

Tongariro National Park.




January Tally:

8 Runs.

Just an easy run today.

69 Km

360 Minutes.


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