Home Sweet Home….or should that be….

20150120_090835 (600x800)Ground safe ground?

And kiss it too whilst I am there.

I don’t think I am a hiker.

It’s too slow and I keep thinking, “this would be a good run”.

My husband is not keen to run with me when we hike.

He says”If I wanted to run, I WOULD”…

Never mind, you can not have it all.



If you have not done this walk, do it!

Amazing views!

You too can put your feet on Mt Doom!! 

Forbidding right in front of you with the mists…

It’s not a cuppa of tea hike…going from ground level to 1900+, but it’s totally beautiful and you can see why it is protected.

Of course, we truly don’t appreciate it on our doorstep….

But most people respected things and there was no litter and people being dumb arse wankers like they can be.

One guy did though drink the water when it clearly said DON’T.

In a zillion languages and he spoke English…


Off we go....

Off we go….

But it’s not unbearable, it’s just a bit tough at times going vertical and you get breathless .

Climbing crab like up mountains that are covered in rocks and loose scoria with a 200+  foot drop, is not my cup of tea.

I am terrified of heights but you need to step outside the comfort zone at times.

I enjoyed it and like to test myself physically and will do another hike.

Just not sure about the 3 summits..

I enjoyed the challenge aspect of it but didn’t like the height.

I think if they had ropes or something that you could hold onto in the last bit of the descent, I would feel safer.

the winding path...

the winding path…

Mt Doom

Mt Doom

Feet on Mt Doom...

Feet on Mt Doom…

red crater

red crater

emerald lakes..

emerald lakes.

Emerald lakes were just as bluey green that they looked in photos…

Very sulphuric but beautiful…

After that long climb, you could jump in!!

Rest today as my butt felt that I had done a million squats.

It probably did with at least 50+ sets of stairs you climb and they are vertical!!


Run up one set and then legs go to lead…

And you still have 6 to go:)

Need to Join Puss Puss....asleep!

Need to Join Puss Puss….asleep!

I thought I would add 13 of the 19.4km of the walk onto my running total…

and increase my time by 80 minutes….

Not a run but a good workout.


9 Runs

82 Km

400 Minutes.






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