But I’m Slow

True, through and through…but i think we run faster than we know:)


When you find out I’m a runner, chances are the next thing I’ll say is “but, I’m slow”.

This isn’t a trite response, it’s true, I really am slow. It’s something I grapple with at the end of almost every run.

Running has never been easy for me. Its a hard slog. In fact, I would go so far as to say I have never had a truly effortless run. My legs hurt, my calves burn, I breath heavy and sweat gets in my eyes. Thing is, I like it and put me on a trail and I am home. I don’t run because I have to, I run because I want to. Its one of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning. That makes me look forward to the coming weeks and months. That makes those bad days, when nothing goes right seem bearable. Unfortunately…

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