Ice Ice Baby…..



Not him, he is creepy…Vanilla Ice..

But something cold would be nice as it is HOt hot hot here!!

It’s the hottest January on record.

Cats can not even be bothered to meow….

One is lying in the catnip!!

Not sure the heat has made Puss Puss do that, but you never know!!

strange cat!!

strange cat!!

Got up intending to go for a run about 11 before it got tooooooo hot.

But didn’t as my mum came round and I did some varnishing and sanding.

We are doing up our bathroom/laundry and toilet.

Plus decided to finally do up these antique chairs we brought 10 years ago!

Went out about 2 pm onto the back motorway roads..

Hot hot hot but its good running and peaceful.

did a bit of this...

did a bit of this…

was going to run up this but too hot & legs like lead!

was going to run up this but too hot & legs like lead!

I like running out in like the wilderness.

I used to freak me out a bit , coming from the city, but I have sort of got used to it.

I used to think “oh, could be murdered or abducted and no one would know..”

Nice way to think!

BUt best to be safe, so I run trails and back roads but be safe.

Did 55 minutes today, about 9 km I think.

I would like to finish January on 120-130 km..

I really want to be back at 40-50 km a week by mid march…


live awesoemJanuary Tally thus far…

10 runs

460 minutes

91 km.

run like

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