99….How Ironic!



I have as friend who I call 99…

You know Maxwell Smarts sidekick….99?

Anyway, I digress and am getting sidetracked.

99 km is where I am sitting for the months total.

I will do 115 as I have 2 days left and have planned a 10 km run tomorrow @ Rotovegas.

Son is getting braces on, which is a 4 hour parlava, so I will run for a while whilst waiting.

A good challenge as I have not run in Rotorua (rotovegas) before.

Run from the pain in my wallet the braces will cost….

No trip to Europe this year for myself & Hubby!

No Venice Marathon:(

Not this year baby!

Not this year baby!


Little disappointed as I wanted to get to 140 km really, even though that probably wasn’t realistic unless I want injury.

January will see me end on about 28 km a week.

Pretty puh puh puh considering I was doing 50-60 km+ a week before.

I wanted to get back to 30-35 km this month.

A 10% increase each week over the next 6 weeks should see me back to the 40-45 kms a week to start the intermediate marathon program.

Intermediate runners but first time marathoner.


I have a 20 week program that has track, pace, speed and  2 x daily runs in it.

This is a bit new to me as I just run, I don’t really think, I just run.

I know all the running theory but theory!

I may run a lot but there is no plan, it’s just how I feel that day.

I run because I like to and I worry if I set a plan in motion, I may not like how I have to run on a particular day.

Will I then go from running for joy to running cause I am in a plan and feel I have to?

meh 2

Tomorrow I will share my cunning plan…

You know put it out there, commit myself.

Because I am still mehing round a bit really.

Either run the race or don’t!



January Tally:

11 runs

498 minutes

99 km.



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