“I’ve got a plan so CUNNING…..

blackadderWe could put a tail on it and call it a weasel”


Go on, have a peek at it, if you don’t know what I am talking about!


Marathon Plan.

Part one of the Marathon saga….

I have been looking at Hal Higdon’s Plans for ages.

Hal is the man!

Then I saw a plan in January 2015 Runners World (sold in early december) by Doug Kurtis that appealed.

Not sure why but I liked it.

It looked like it was a plan I could do.

But I have been umming and arghing as I do on this issue.

About 5-6 years now!

Not really a racer,  as I like just to run and not worry about times and running for this and that.

 I am scared that I can’t do it.

Physically yes I can but mentally and on a particular day???

marathon laughs

I want to do it but I don’t.

I know so what if I walk a little of it but I need to run it all, not just finish.

So it’s really put up or shut up.

From now till March 9th, I will increase at 10% per week.

Taking me from 30.8 km next week to 48.5 km by March & time to start the marathon program.

I need to find a half to do.

Don’t you normally do it about 6 weeks out?


The long runs on weeks 8/ 10/12 could be a half and week 18.

Decisions , decisions.

Ok, so that could be the Huntly Half , Paihia Half or the Mt Maunganui half.

Scenery wise, the Mt or Paihia.

Huntly is a shite hole but it may have a good run.

a real beauty! HUNTLY!

a real beauty! HUNTLY!

 More tomorrow….

One of my cats, Tinny, is outside my window, up the tree meowing.

She is driving me batty.

I have been out numerous times to get her but she just scratches me or runs further up the tree.

She can get down…

But sucker me keeps going back out there…

This bad bugger!!

This bad bugger!!



January Tally:

12 Runs

106 km

540 minutes.



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